Posted by: C. Cali Martin | September 7, 2010

Flash Forward

Since my last post in March, I have actually began many blogs. Unfortunately, they have all been unfinished, uncharacteristic, and thus, unpublished. There have been many ups and downs, ins and outs, and beginnings and ends since March and I’d like to share a quick recap:

April 2010: Boracay, Philippines

May 2010: My 24th birthday

24th birthday in Jisan

June 2010: Jeju Island

At Jeju Love Land

July 2010: Gangwando and Jisan Valley Rock Festival in Seoul

Me, Ann, and Sarah at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival

August 2010: First year complete! End of Avalon FOREVER + Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A. to visit family/friends

My students and I with our "Avalon sucks" faces

My brother and I on La Chua trail in Gainesville

September 2010: New job with Kyungpook National University and the beginning of a brand new year.

The score stands thus far: Korea – 146, Cali – 12. Commence Korea, Round 2!


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